Youtube Every month Big Earning without job

At a time when unemployment remains a big problem in the whole country. A new place to earn money People’s big Qawwals came and passed. In a few years people have got 1 billion jobs from youtube.

Work of your own choice, no one’s job and no other hassle. The way to earn money with your choice and hobby has become very popular. Riya, the creator of the video sharing platform YouTube, has contributed Rs 10,000 crore to the Indian economy in 2021.

And a study of social economics has revealed this. In one year i.e. in 2021, YouTube has given more than 5 lakh full time equivalent jobs in seven countries in this way and people have achieved success in running their household just because of YouTube.

In 2020, the creators present on Google’s YouTube platform have contributed six thousand 800 crores to the country’s GDP. In 2020, about 6,83,000 equivalent jobs will be generated from this platform.

This report was released on Monday at the Google for India event. Five thousand 633 YouTube creators were surveyed in this. Along with this, four thousand 21 users and 530 businesses were also included in this survey.

India now has at least 80 million cricketers due to the growth in short term video consumption and the overall creator economy. However, according to this report, out of these only 105 lakh professional content creators were successful in monetizing their services properly. That is, the same number of people are well through this

able to earn money from According to a Kalaari Capital report, most of the 5 lakh creators in these countries can earn between ₹16,000 to ₹2 lakh a month. Less than 1% of professional creators with more than 1 million followers can earn more than ₹53 lakh a month.

Out of this, there are only a few who are earning more than ₹ 82 lakh every month. There are 50,000 professional creators on regional short video platforms in India and more than 60% of their audience is non-metro cities.

This means that regional content is proving to be an important means of increasing consumption. Well, in their event, YouTube and Google have also unveiled many new things. In these and the company’s focus on machine learning has increased. YouTube has launched two new features to enhance learning and healthcare content on its platform,

Rather it has also said that it is going to bring major updates in its time and voice search opening. YouTube is running an AI and Amal i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based YouTube VIDEO pilot. Through this, videos can be translated and dubbed in different regional languages for free. This feature is currently available only to a few healthcare providers.

Overall, YouTube is proving to be a great source of earning for people and creators from big cities to small towns are also getting great help in earning money with the help of this platform, so what is the delay. if you are creative

You also have a good chance to earn money through YouTube.

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